Once there was a dream we had that flashed across our brains,
we saw it as a vision that would sharpen as it rains
and the tapping was a soundtrack as the roof would talk and sing,
giving dream the rhythm that then became a thing…

Twice there was a dream we shared tha...

Once there was an instant
that all the souls who breathed
gave gasping and elation
to what was then perceived,
an inkling of nirvana
as all will be revealed
in the turning of a word
and what fate has sometimes sealed...

Once we gave a thought
to all that can be held

January 1, 2019

Once there was the moving and then there was the stay,
it stops as things are started and a person finds the way
to be waking in the morning and sleeping when they should,
either way we have to say what’s learned will pass for good…

Twice there was some movement, when w...

October 22, 2018

I write at the instant the rain stops
and splits into some parts dry,
some parts wet enough to catch the reflection
of this morning’s promise through light and air
and, freshly aware
I lean my pen into what can be felt
as the water you throw rocks into
and watch the ri...

Once we spun in circles, we all went round and round,
We put our arms like blades of steel and lifted off the ground;
It flew us to a new place, one the seemed as sound
As all things that would spin and rise and go to where we’re bound…

Once we took our circles and ro...

Once she dragged her chain behind but it pulled her from the core , It changed as she could see the weight and worked as metaphor

For what she would let go of, what she could release,
And as she came to realize her busy mind could cease…

Once she reached into the sky b...

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January 17, 2019

January 14, 2019

December 4, 2018

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