I heard you call my name Satan. 

But, I shall not come to you. 

You have tried in so many ways to take ownership of me, and I have not obey you, not even once. 

The Lord rings true in my prayers,

When I pray each day and night.
Dear Lord of the heavens, 

only you and...

Can I be free from all the things that,

is going on in my life.
I can't seem to keep my head on straight,

With a lot of people staring at me, 

As I begin to look around,

Trying to find out who, I really want to be.

I'm beginning to feel very frustrated 

 I can't seem, to get...

December 17, 2017

Throughout life, 

I have learned from so many people. 

And in return,

I will pass it onto the next generation,

As soon as I get there. 

Just be patient darling, you will get there. 

Your journey is not over yet, 

and there are still a lot of people; who have not grasp onto y...

November 11, 2017

Dear Regina 

I know you are reading this, as I am writing this. 

I know you have been sending, all your love ones, messages from heaven.

As I experience your presence from time to time,

And you have heard me talking, 

About you on a day to day basis. 

Yes our hearts...

Behind these walls is a soul 

That, holds onto feelings, 

That just can not be ignored. 

Sometimes I smile, 

Just to shield away my pain. 

While at times, 

You could barely even read me, 

And that is because I have hidden my pain 

So well. 

This outside shell is only a cover, 


I'm staring at a glass closed rose behind, 

A glass armor door, as its rainy outside.

Wondering where my Romeo will appear?

 In front of my eyes, 

Will he cross the field along the way?

 Or will I forever be alone?

 I'm looking for my perfect prince 

To f...


A rose comes in million different colors.

And all hearts beat the same. 

Morning doves line across the fence, 

As they begin to coo around five am, 

While the sun has not risen yet. 

Waking up to the sound of each bird,

And having my hands filled with a million hearts,



Butterflies are in the garden, 

 Fluttering their wings so effortlessly. 

The sound of birds chirping soothes my ears.

But, there is one thing that breaks my heart internally,

And is hard to repair, 

Your constant negative vibes

That you bring to yourself. 

As yo...

I feel like

I need to make a public service announcement 

To the world, 

And if I don’t, 

My head will fully explode. 

This world is lying silently still on this word,

I am about to spill. 

I may walk,

I may crawl 

 I may not have any limbs at all. 

Are you completely confu...

February 20, 2017

White butterflies are ascending 

From the heavenly sky,

To bring you to our heavenly father the lord. 

He who allowed you 

To share your brilliant talented voices 

Amongst the world, 

Now you are no longer with us in human form. Please allow us 

to continue to hear 

Your brill...

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