Sorry for my long absence everyone!! I have decided to write you tonight because Somebody I admired greatly died today. He killed him self. He was found by a friend he died alone the reason for his choice is unknown. This a person who seemingly had it all...


Hey everybody its your friendly writer again but this isnt a happy post but one of frustration. I sometimes wish I was a regular girl where I didn’t have to worry so much about wetting myself constantly its starting to wear me down like an addict trying to kick a ha...

You tell me that you love me

And I should unmask myself

But I’m not sure if you are ready to see me ?

But if you are, here it goes

Me unmasked is the girl without makeup,

The girl who prefers jeans and T-shirts to dresses

Her hair pulled back in a pony- tail

Me unmasked is t...

Hello there just another late night rendevouz from me your ever faithful writer. I have some good developements underway, I will be attending college for the first time!!! I am so excited and also very nervous its like everything I prayed for is coming to pass I really...

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January 17, 2019

January 14, 2019

December 4, 2018

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