The words that you speak 

Are oh so clear 

When they hit me 

They felt so sincere 

A heavy weight that brought me down 

Now makes me stand on solid ground 

Layers shed from deep within 

I love wearing my new skin 

Thoughts unfold from stories being told 

They don’t matter 

Let m...

The silence whispered within her soul 

She will be more than abundant !

The feeling of love 

Engulfed her sweet soul 

Completing her with a love 

That shot rockets burning with in her soul 

The Florescent glow that raised her higher 

Is a satisfaction of inner desires 


When you came to earth 

You brought the moon and the stars 

You brought down everything 

A full supply of bliss 

And all those little things 

That someone could truly miss

You showed me how to love 

And love myself more 

You created a looking glass 

Through a little door 


Life to me is about 

Soft rose petals that slowly start to bloom 

Little rose buds dancing around with their roots 

Deeply imbedded in the soil 

Delicately the breeze eases in a lustful fragrance 

That soaks in

Life is about rose petals that 

Keeps their vibrant col...

If the sunlight can replenish your energy 

I wonder what the waves crashing 

Into your soul can refresh 

If the salt on your skin feels like honey 

I wonder what the sweetness

Can bring to your smile ?

If the droplets of rain can feed new growth 

I wonder what happens 

To the...

Sounds of buzzing dandelions dancing 

The brightest of yellow Very mellow 

Tastes of salty sea 

Brisk air 

Moist and drenched 

Thirst is quenched 

Smells of nature’s finest art 

Soft , sweet and supple 

Touches of Green, lavender and sky blue 

Preciously present 

In Earths fondu...