DeAnna is from Michigan. She has Bi Polar disorder and she is Schitzophrenic . DeAnna also suffers from severe Anxiety and has panic attacks . Recently she started having Grand Mal seizures.DeAnna’a disability, the depression part makes it hard for her to f...


    My name is Dan Corcoran. I live in Pennsylvania, and am 43 years old. Although I do not have Chiari or Fibro I do know someone who has Chiari. I will introduce her in a later post. for now I will give some background on me.

   I have been active in things sin...

Tom Lorentz’s journey into the Mobility industry began in the year 1984 as a one man operation in Tom’s grandfather’s service station in Depew, New York. Tom’s desire to build vehicles came from his first passion, music. He has traveled and played with some of the bigg...

           I was born with cataracts on both of my eyes. I finally had them removed in 2008. I also have a spinal cord injury due to a virus infection. It is the same virus that destroyed my kidneys. I lost my left kidney to a doctor's incompetence during a renal biops...

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