Doctors told Alexis’s parents “ Alexis wouldn't live past two weeks old, her level of Spina Bifida Lesion was too high and the fluid on her brain was too severe. Joni, Alexis’s mother told me “ No matter how many times I said no to abortion , my obgyn doctor would corn...

I feel like

I need to make a public service announcement 

To the world, 

And if I don’t, 

My head will fully explode. 

This world is lying silently still on this word,

I am about to spill. 

I may walk,

I may crawl 

 I may not have any limbs at all. 

Are you completely confu...

Once we spun in circles, we all went round and round,
We put our arms like blades of steel and lifted off the ground;
It flew us to a new place, one the seemed as sound
As all things that would spin and rise and go to where we’re bound…

Once we took our circles and ro...

Once she dragged her chain behind but it pulled her from the core , It changed as she could see the weight and worked as metaphor

For what she would let go of, what she could release,
And as she came to realize her busy mind could cease…

Once she reached into the sky b...

I bet most of us like to be as independent as we possibly can. We like doing a lot of things on our own. Most of my life I’ve had this stubbornness and pride where I want to do everything on my own. I’ve always had this negative connotation related to needing help. Esp...

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