Thursday 8th March marked International Women’s Day 2018. For me, it was spent in hospital (Russells Hall, Dudley) undergoing minor surgery. Could be worse, I suppose!

Due to the fact I have Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy (a muscle-wasting condition), people ar...

Joshua Rucker from Detroit Michigan became  a T-9 /T-10 complete paraplegic at the age of 18 years old due to a work automobile  accident . Joshua  uses a wheelchair to get around due to paralysis of the waist down . 
Growing up , he playe...

I was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA in December, 1965 with the Myelomeningocele form of Spina Bifida. I know of one other person born in the same neighborhood a couple of years earlier. Doctors'
understandings of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus were minimal. My parents...

So i found out my baby boy Rene has Spina Bifida on January 3, 2017. I was 5 months pregnant. I don’t think I cried so much in my life. so i had so much doctor appointments an not one doctor could tell me what i will be expecting if my son will ever walk play like all...

Don't Forget To Be Perfect

Self-acceptance is hard for me…
allowing my value
to be dictated by my flaws,
trying to fit into a world
where I was once
thought of as less-than.

It is hard to get the words
of others out of your head…

“You’re on crutches and braces.”
“You use...

Lyndsi Holmes is 28 years old from New York. Lyndsi was born with a disability called Spina Bifida. To get around she wears braces . Growing up , Lyndsi played a lot of sports and had a lot of friends.​Going to school went well for Lyndsi. She did well in her...

Directions :

Step 1 : First draw or sketch a leprechaun picture that  you or your child likes .

Step 2: Color the leprechaun drawing 

Step 3: Find an empty Toilet paper role ( preferably a small one )

Step 4: Find a glue stick 

Step 5: Glue your leprechaun on...

I always start my story with I went to sleep as LeAnn and woke up a total stranger.

On September 2014 Labor day I suffered a Acute Subdural Hematoma. A bleeding stroke and brain aneurysm followed by brain surgery to relieve the pressure in my brain. This was caused by...

As old wounds start to heal and disappear 

Boldly place scars rise up 

And now appear

Life cycles are being broken 

And making room for a new fear 

Everything I dreamed of 

And asked the universe for 

Is now near 

I was too busy chasing something 

That never left But was here 


Christian Grimes was born with Spina Bifida Occulta . She was born with a small dimple. Christian can Walk . Christian also says “ I can ice skate and roller skate “. “ I can’t skateboard though lol “ 

The Hydrocephalus was found near the end of 5th grade...

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