It wasn’t until after 10 years of traveling post-injury that I got the bright idea that I might be able to do it by myself someday. It was kinda like putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I had loaded my bags in my truck, driven to the airport and parked in one of...

I went to the Zoo a couple weeks ago with the family. We got all the way down there with my scooter and then realized nobody brought my keys. My brother in law swears he handed them to me after he got the scooter out of the shed but I have absolutely no recollection of...


    Sorry for my long absence everyone!! I have decided to write you tonight because Somebody I admired greatly died today. He killed him self. He was found by a friend he died alone the reason for his choice is unknown. This a person who seemingly had it all...


Hey everybody its your friendly writer again but this isnt a happy post but one of frustration. I sometimes wish I was a regular girl where I didn’t have to worry so much about wetting myself constantly its starting to wear me down like an addict trying to kick a ha...

Hey Everyone! My name is Naomi Nugent . On January 18, 2004, I was 18 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child.  At my ultrasound is when I found out my daughter Sierra had SB.  This was after all my blood tests came back NEGATIVE . On the   next day, I had an appt with Dr. Ke...

Katy is a 20 year old young lady who was born with Lypomyelomeningocele Spina Bifida. She has a Lipima on her back . At age 3 months , doctors operated on Katy to have the fat detethered from her spinal cord. At the age of 2 and a half , Katy started walking. Her paren...

Being a person with a disability definitely makes it harder to find people to date and hopefully start a relationship with- but it's not impossible. I didn't date a lot. I dated men with disabilities and without disabilities. For me it was about the guy's personality....

You didn't have to.
You made a commitment all those years ago,

Long before things were set in stone. 

You didn't have to.
You took on special needs 

Like few have ever seen. 

You didn't have to.

Appointments, surgeries, sicknesses, and more,

You  acted as if you had don...

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