Silently the world sighs

Relief no where in our sights

Screams and cries

Through out the full moon shine

The light flow of air

Turns into heaviness in the atmosphere

Agony and pain

Replaced with love gone insane

Silently the world cries lost

A feeling of hopelessness inside

Drinking The Night Sky 

Dark black and blue 

Shudders into you 

Light Gleams of stars 

Shooting above you

Spirits in the night

Wondering in the moonlight 

Behind chocolate brown
hair and piercing ice blue eyes.
Her venom drips from blood
red lips curved into a sickening
sweet smile.

Her claws mistaken for lovely fingers of
grace and beauty,

tear through your soul

and make your heart bleed.

Her voice heavily coated with sweet...

Gluten free spaghetti

Living Better Cafe says: If you love spaghetti, you would love this recipe because its made with a twist.

Serve: 4

Note: when cooking with gnocchi, you will need to pay close attention to the cooking process because this pasta will turn to mashed pot...