Drink up her sadness from her jar of tears

Let her in and show her no fears 

Write down all your emotions on paper 

So it sounds like music to her ears 

One of the days I have been dreading is coming. We have been so very blessed with physicians to care for our son Caleb with Myelomenegecele Spina Bifida. These physicians have a great deal of experience and expertise. Unfortunately that means they will retire before Ca...

I was born in 1974 and was shifted around to 2 different hospitals because doctors knew something was wrong,but weren't sure what. I was diagnosed at 7 months with Spina Bifida. Doctors operated on my back to close my back up Before that, my mom had to change my diaper...

Luca is a three-and-a-half year old little boy to Vicky Jane. Luca has Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele (L5). Luca is a beautiful little boy with a cheeky character but a very sensitive soul. Luca does not let his condition define him in anything he does.

So far, Luca's...

I do not wear dark make up to put on a show.
I can brace the camera with glamorous,
Without any make up on.
You can now say good-bye to the girl, 
You use to know 
Because she not coming back no more.
She has broken down into pieces like, a jig saw puzzle leaving reman...

The smell of soft periwinkle pinks are in full bloom.
Springs refreshing all engergies in the room.
Reviving all nature's miracles watching them beautifully bloom.


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