Once there was a dream we had that flashed across our brains,
we saw it as a vision that would sharpen as it rains
and the tapping was a soundtrack as the roof would talk and sing,
giving dream the rhythm that then became a thing…

Twice there was a dream we shared tha...

Once there was an instant
that all the souls who breathed
gave gasping and elation
to what was then perceived,
an inkling of nirvana
as all will be revealed
in the turning of a word
and what fate has sometimes sealed...

Once we gave a thought
to all that can be held

   After another undisturbed nights sleep, I scooted straight to the bathroom, to avoid impending disaster. I wasn't waiting long, until my morning care arrived. He walked with me the usual amount for a DCF day. He was just walking with me the eighth time, when my inte...

I want to begin by saying thank you for taking the time to read this blog I hope you find it helpful.

My name is Gretchen Bailey I have multiple medical conditions which allow me to see the world differently than others. While one of my diagnosis is not Spina Bifida w...

On awakening, I could instantly tell it was time to get up, due to being light outside. On awakening, I got dressed and scooted to the bathroom. I wasn't waiting until my morning care arrived. He walked with me the usual amount for a D.C.F day. I then cleaned my teeth....

After another undisturbed night, I started the day reliving myself. I then scooted into the living room and waited for my morning care. He arrived and walked with me the usual amount for a D.C.F day. He was walking with me the eighth time, when my intercom buzzed. I kn...

Hey everyone my name is Carina Ortiz. Since I was born my life has been full of struggles, but I've managed to fight them successfully. I can say that I pretty much had a normal childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

In my free time , my hobbies have changed thr...

Nearly 50 years ago, Nance Vlinder was born in the Netherlands with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus; she was shunted right after birth. Nance does not walk and uses a wheelchair. Nance has been in a wheelchair since the age of 4.

Growing up for Nance was fun, but there w...

Are you a realtor or just a person with a disability? Let’s discuss what people with disabilities are looking for when looking for a place.

When I moved out on my own I was of course looking for places I could live that were accessible and accommodating.

List of thin...

Perspective can be an enlightening thing and therefore I present you this metaphor. It caught fire amongst some bloggers a while back and I've been pondering the scenario as a way to present a truth many deal with every day. Open your mind and consider:

Imagine everyt...

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