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Cruisin Spina Bifida

Hi my name is Ashleigh Johnson I was asked to give a little story about my life with Spina bifida. Here it goes, first of all I am the baby of the family of two kids. When I was born, I was a very sick baby for a while. I was in and out out of the hospital for most of my infant life but I stayed strong and fought for my life when the doctors didn't think I would make it past my second birthday. Well I proved them wrong!

Anyways, when I passed the age of two I knew I had a chance. As the years went by, I was determined to do normal things like anyone else just a little different. Through my life I've went to school from elementary all the way through graduating high school. When I was a kid I was able to ride a bike, walk with braces and a Walker. I've gone on many trips and vacations with my family that not everyone has been able to do with my condition from hunting trips to going on vacation to Cabo San Lucas in the summer time for two weeks.

I am currently volunteering at the Phoenix Zoo now for the past 12 years. I have ridden a horse a few times in my life. I swam with dolphins and touched stingrays in the ocean. I fed and kissed a Manatee in Jamaica. I've been on many cruise's in my life. Now I am going to be celebrating my 32nd birthday on March 7th. I am still loving life!

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