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Ethan’s Miracle

Ethan was born April 6, 2007 at 4:34 AM . He wasn't breathing when he was born and his spina bifida was worse then what they thought. He had to be rushed into surgery. I didn't get to see him for 14 hours after his birth. He was hooked to every machine you could image.

Later that night the doctors came in the room and told me he was showing no signs of waking up and wanted to know if I wanted to take him off the machine that was breathing for him. I told them no. The next day April 7th, he still was showing no signs of life like the hospital said he should.

April the 8th was Easter Sunday that year, and after talking with my family I called the doctors into my room ad told them to go ahead and take him off the machines and let him go be with the lord. But I wanted fifteen minutes with him first. Well while spending my fifteen minutes with my son something happened to another baby in nicu and the doctors had to take off.

They were gone for about thirty minutes. In the meantime my mom got a call, my aunt and her church just prayed for him and as soon as she told me that his eye popped open.A few seconds later the doctors came back to cut the machines off. And I yell stop his eye are open. Then once they realized that it went into another direction and I was pushed out the room. It took one more day to get him breathing on his own and at seventeen days old I got to hold him for the first time. Ethan has had a total of 34 operations and I have almost lost him three times. Thank the good lord above he is still here.

Ethan has SB L1,Hydrocephalus (shunted), Arnold Chiari Malformation 2, clubbed feet and bone fusion in his right leg.He is like any other boy excepts he has wheels for legs. Ethan loves to hunt and fish. I am so proud of Ethan. He just got his first deer a little Doe this past December 3, 2016. And at the disability hunt, they raised enough money and the man bought him a action track chair. Now he can really enjoy the outdoors. He is 110% boy for sure. My advice to you is to never listen to the doctors because if I had, Ethan ,wouldn't be here today. I was told Ethan would never walk or talk. Ethan doesn't walk but you can't get him to shut up lol!

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