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One of the difficulties of living independently I realize comes from the financial perspective. The bottom line is you need money to survive. As basic as it sounds, I never thought moving would be such an investment as I thought it would be. Granted, I've been given an opportunity with a company by the name of Triborough Home Care that will assist in my daily living. One thing they don't do is give financial assistance especially if your family makes over a certain income.

I've been working with a service coordinator for about two years. One of our long term goals has been to move me out of my parents home to live and function in the community, independently. Time and time again she insisted that I save as much money as possible with the finances I receive if I were serious about transitioning. She knew this dream would one day come to pass but I guess I was in disbelief.

Now, we're in the final stages of signing my lease where I will be able to move in my first apartment to live on my own. I admit I drop the ball on a few things. I wasn't prepared and now it feels like I'm paying catch up. Luckily with the help of my family, friends, loved ones and even a gofundme that can help tremendously to pay for my security deposit as well as my first month's rent. I should be more than ok. The fund raiser has been a slow process but I've managed to raise over 250 dollars which includes money I invested myself.

With this experience, my take away is that you must always invest in yourself at all times. In my case the investment was monetary. But this was something I wanted to do for me. I was fortunate and still fortunate to receive continued help. Will this always be? The answer is no. Sometimes you'll be called to do things on your own. The question is how bad do you want it?

For some, investment may just be having a piece of mind. It may include investing in better friendships or relationships. Perhaps you haven't been a good manager of time. Your time is spent helping everyone else but yourself. Self is who you should be investing in. That can mean reading a book, having quiet time with the phone on silent or even getting back in the gym. It's all on you. Claim your happiness. Happiness isn't based on your circumstance, it's based on your approach. If you never value yourself, don't expect the world to raise your stock.

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