My First Physical Home

I happen to be a certified life coach. The title isn't well respected as it should be. I believe it's because anyone can qualify. You don't need any form of education or training. While I'm still learning, I realize a good life coach is someone who's had the experience in a particular field. The client wants to feel secure and confident that the coach will help them obtain results.

My brand as a coach is different from other coaches. My main target markets include those who define themselves as handicap, those who were handicap and those who work with the physically challenged community. Why do I word it in such a way? Well first and foremost the only handicap one can ever have is themselves. As a coach, I assist in helping individuals learn not to be their own handicap. Mostly these are people born with a physical challenge or those who were recently diagnosed with a condition. We learn how to navigate through life.

Part of my job is also to consult. I work with the Board of Education. The objective is to assist teachers and para professionals in providing quality care and education to physically challenged students who attend their schools. I also assist home care agencies with the same task of quality care for their patience. The other part of consultation is assessing businesses to make sure they provide the best physically friendly environment possible in their communities. Take for example someone who is physically challenged, traveling in the neighborhood and wants a slice of pizza. Let's say it's about 25 degrees out. There is no reason for that individual to have to decide to eat somewhere else due to lack of accessibility.

In my future, I will now have something to add to my resume. As of January 15th I will be living in my very first physically friendly home. Currently, I live with my parents. The house that we live in, is not modified enough for independence as a young adult. People may not realize it and sometimes take it for granted but having the proper access to go in and out of a home or just access to the bathroom is very important. It's a way of life. I've done research for about two years to find out how I can make change for my life as far as independent living is concerned. Triborough Community Home Care will be assisting me in living independently. This includes paying a portion of my rent, proving extra hours of home care from a home health aide and helping me further my education.

Because of a great support system, like family and a great service coordinator, doing the proper research and now living out the experience, I too will be able to help someone else in that area. I look forward to sharing more with people as my journey of independent living continues.