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Traveling Through SB!

   Lisa Wiltshire is from Bakers Hill in Western Australia. The kind of SB she has, Lisa couldn't tell you because to be honest, Lisa never really took an interest in knowing. Lisa has it, she gets on with it. Spina Bifida doesn't affect her daily life routines. The only problem Lisa has is pressure sores on her feet, which many people who have Spina Bifida deal with.. In life, Lisa helps people live life unlimited. Lisa is an entrepreneur for a health and wellness company.

    The advice Lisa would give a person with Spina Bifida is 'just do it'. There is no such word as can't. For parents she would say, "(sorry to be blunt here) deal with it, love them, and treat them like you would an able bodied child." "Don't moddy coddle them or wrap them up in cotton wool."

What does Lisa enjoy about life? Everything. Lisa says, " What's not to enjoy?".

    As Lisa works from home, she reads motivational books, anything by Jodi Picoult, Di Morrissey, Paullina Simons, Monica McInerney and Brye Courtenay. I am a big fan of Jim Rohn and Brendan Buchard. Lisa also exercises, chat to people online, bake, watch tv and play with her rottweilers.

     Lisa has HUGE plans for the future. Lisa plans to travel the world , become a millionaire and be debt free. If Lisa could go anywhere in the world it would be New Zealand, Tahiti, Seychelles and Canada.

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