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My Trip To Canada

After our trip through New York, we travelled through Canada for a few days. Canada was gorgeous, and quite different from the Florida landscape I am used to. The people were very friendly. We visited several spots including Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, Major Hills Park, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Ottawa Parliamentary Precinct. We also visited the Hard Rock Casino in Niagara Falls. There were some hills in which I needed some help getting over.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Niagara Falls- By the Falls, the beds were at a good height for transferring, the bathroom however, was not very accommodating for my wheelchair. The hotel staff was very respectful and helpful with all of our needs and concerns. An instance, the air conditioner was making a noise in our hotel room and the lady who came to fix it, made me feel comfortable and at home.

For those who have never been to Canada, I definitely suggest that you go for a visit-- and spend more than a few days there. I hope to go back again for a longer visit, but next time I will do a little more research on the area, what I can do there, and look for a better disability accommodating hotel.

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