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My Trip to New York

      In July, my family and I took a trip to Plattsburgh, New York for a few days to visit family. Plattsburgh was beautiful. Was it handicap friendly? A general answer is that some was and some of it wasn't. Most of the houses had stairs up to their entrances.

     The places we went to eat, such as Friendly's, were newer and accessible. Their restrooms were great. While staying in Plattsburgh, we stayed at the Microtel Inn and Suites by Wyndham, which was about ten minutes away from my grandparents’ place. The hotel was accommodating. They gave us a rollaway bed since I could not get into the standard bed as it was too high for me too transfer onto.

    Their shower chair could have been more stable, but overall it was usable. The toilet was at a good level for wheelchairs to transfer to, and the sink was also at the right level. Would I suggest traveling to Plattsburgh? Overall, yes I would.


   I would however, recommend more research into the hotels for those who need more specific accommodations such as, whether or not the bed is at proper height for transfer, will you be able to stabilize on the shower chair, and if their doors will accommodate to the size of your chair

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