Charlie’s Gift In A Balloon

Charlie Morris is 32 years old . He was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Charlie moved to Florida in 2003, after He graduated from High School. He is a preachers kid with nine siblings five sisters and four brothers.

Charlie was born with Spina Bifida. He has always been in a wheelchair since he was four years old, Growing up with Spina Bifida, he went to regular public school classes from Pre-K to high school. Charlie participated in plays, and he sang in high school choir. He supported his football and basketball teams by attending them all. He also worked in his high school's office. In 2003, Charlie graduated from Hale High School.

Because Charlie has upper body strength he work out regularly at a local gym. Charlie also plays sports like wheelchair basketball, tennis and handball. He is not quite into swimming. He does go to the beach and get in the water. Surfing is not his favorite either. Charlie just recently started bowling.Charlie has a car that is equipped with hand controls which allows him to be independent.

Eight years ago, Charlie opened his own business with the help of his mother and oldest brother Brian. They converted their garage into a workshop, where Charlie does "Charlie's Gifts in a Balloon".Charlie's business entails center pieces for Baby showers, Birthday parties, Valentine's Day and more. Charlie decorates with balloons at any event. Charlie also puts plush animals in balloons.

Charlie's future holds a lot for him. He hopes to continue working with the physically challenged in sports. He also will continue to volunteer with the Heart Association. He is a heart patient. He also will continue volunteering with the Special Olympics Association.Even though Charlie's dad is no longer with him and his family. Charlie remembers his father had always said: YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THRU CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME". Philipians 4:13