Racing Thru SB

My names Cillian Dunne and I am twenty years old. I live in Ireland. I have Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele and I'm confined to a chair. Personally, growing up with Spina Bifida was not as bad as people might have thought. Yes, I had to have a lot of operations, but now that I am twenty, I hope to not need any more. Through the years, I have played wheelchair basketball at the national club division and rowed as a hobby. I have also competed in Track and Field. I have also competed in the javelin, shotput and discus events for four years internationally

Currently, I am a wheelchair racer. I have been wheelchair racing since 2012 at the international level. Last year, I won my first world medals in the world junior championships in Prague. It was by far the highlight of my racing career thus far. My advice to someone with Spina Bifida is this: embrace it and be happy with who you are. I would not be a world medalist wheelchair racer if I did not have Spina Bifida .