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Kicking Bad Habits

Hey there lovely people! I have recently been trying out a new daily routine of exercising every day as a way to be more active throughout the day. Do any of you exercise? if so, what kinds of exercise do you implement in your daily routine? I would love to know if any of them are adaptable for me.

Firstly, I would have to say that I have definitely seen a change in my mood since I started working out. I wake up with a purpose and a goal. I feel good about myself and I feel accomplished at the end of it and I feel pumped and ready to go.

Don’t get me wrong though, about this new found bliss, the high doesn’t always last. I have found that on certain days during the week, it is a struggle to feel motivated once the monotony sets in. I have to admit I've skipped some days already because of it. I figure now I have to switch it up to keep my body and mind interested. However, that’s very hard to do most times. Because of the lack of new and interesting things to try and my own lack of planning ahead for the next day.

However, I am going to try to be more focused on the task at hand and get creative in ways in which I motivate myself. I will tell you guys how it went. Tomorrow, I am going to try to switch my work out play-list up a bit. Do any of you know of some great work out music that I can use to get me pumped? Any thing with a beat would be fine. Well this is where I leave you, its time for bed. I remain your faithful correspondent until next time goodbye, With Love, With care, Lori

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