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Life Doesn’t Stop For Spina Bifida !

​ Liz Meese was born with Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida level L1-S2. She is paralyzed from the butt down. Liz has been a full time wheelchair user for the past 10 years. To save her shoulders , Liz uses a power chair. Due to Hydrocephalus she is dependent on a VP shunt. Liz has a Neurogenic bladder so she caths herself. She is very small. Liz is about 4ft 5inches and weighs only 85lbs.

Because Liz is so small, wheelchair height is too tall for her. Right now Liz is attending a adaptive college and a cooking class on Fridays and volunteers for youth wheelchair sports in her spare time. Liz has always had problems making friends. Sometimes even now Liz feels like she is treated like she is special and she feels she shouldn't be treated that way. Liz has been lucky to have been able to meet famous people such as sport players and other stars. Liz is also lucky enough to be able to travel a lot because of her Spina Bifida.

Liz's goals for the future are to live on my own, right now she still lives with her parents. Liz needs assistance but her safety is her number 1 goal. Liz is able to stay at home when her parents go away. Liz has a sister who helps out if Liz needs it.

Liz would like to make friends but she is not very social able onside her tablet. Her advice for others who have Spina Bifida or another disability is don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. You should ask for assistance if you need it but always try doing the task first. Maybe you can do the task on your own but with some guidance. Try sports and acting singing classes. Even if the part doesn't call for a person in a wheelchair, go for it! Liz played in Annie and enjoyed it.

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