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Michael Edelson

I was born with cataracts on both of my eyes. I finally had them removed in 2008. I also have a spinal cord injury due to a virus infection. It is the same virus that destroyed my kidneys. I lost my left kidney to a doctor's incompetence during a renal biopsy.

The virus went after my lumbar spine in 1997. In the end I needed surgery to fix the spine. After the surgery I went through rehab and learned to walk again. I walk with AFO braces and loftstrand crutches. I can walk short distance without them but I prefer not to. For the times I have to go out to shop or to museums I have a wheelchair to use.

I have a Bachelor in Science degree in Computer Science with Business Administration. It was conferred on me 1982 at Kean College of NJ. (Now Kean College). My cumulative average was 3.5. I am an amateur radio operator with the highest class of license, which means Extra class. I never really worked. The companies that I applied to did not see me. They saw the disabilities I have and would not hire me.


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