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My Trip To Louisiana

         In October, my family and I evacuated for Hurricane Matthew. We decided to drive out to New Orleans, Louisiana. We stayed at the La Quinta in Kenner and it was accommodating for my needs. Their bed was at a good height for my wheelchair to transfer onto. They also had a good shower chair that I could use. The toilet and sink were also at standard heights for those who use wheelchairs.


      The French Quarter of New Orleans lived up to its traditions. There were people playing instruments everywhere you turned. Their food was a bit spicy, but still good. There were tons of bars, restaurants, and shops to try and visit. Everywhere you went you could see a piece of history. There sidewalks were definitely old, worn, and a bit holy, making it difficult to push my wheelchair on, but I managed.

      If you are one who likes to sight see, eat food, and drink, New Orleans is the place to go. If you like going to new places, and want to check New Orleans off your map, I would suggest going.For those who depend on wheelchairs, but don’t mind pushing everywhere, you will enjoy New Orleans.

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