Hello, I’m Jan !

My name is Jan Arjen Dijkstra and I was born on 25 August 1971 in the Frisian town of Akkrum. Only I have hardly lived here, because I was in the hospital quite often. So my parents and my brother and sister mainly had the house for their four. Then we moved to the waterport town of Sneek, where my brother, sister and I got another brother - who also made this site.

I am very grateful to him for that, because that is why I can show my biggest hobby. But first back to my life, because we are not yet in the place where I live now. After Sneek we moved to the town Nij Beets, where I visited the kindergarten. Only I had to go to special education because of my limitation, because my younger brother threatened to come to my class because of my circumstances. But fortunately there was a rehabilitation center next to the school with the name "Lyndensteyn", where I also had to live due to circumstances. I did that with a lot of fun, because I learned a lot about myself. So I hit two birds with one stone, which was handy. I lived here for almost 12 years, after which I moved to Leeuwarden.

Here I also learned things about myself, only I did not get the chance to develop myself. So I also hoped that my current home would soon come into view, which would take some time. Only I could not do anything about it, because my next home was only built in 1997 and would open for people like me. I have been living in the waterport town of Sneek since 17 December 1997, which I also enjoy doing. So I hope to live here for a long time, because I have also been able to make my biggest dream come true. And I am also very proud of that, because I have always wanted to write books. These are on my book page on the Site, which I am very proud of. That is allowed, because a lot has been written between "A New Beginning" and "The Promised Paradise". With best regards, Jan Arjen Dijkstra