Hey I’m Melissa!

        Hey Everyone I am Melissa! I'm 26 years old and I live in Michigan. I was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida. Spins bifida affects me in many ways . I am unable to feel from my knee's down. I have no bladder control. And when I'm out in public I have to use my wheelchair.

My family consists of my parents , my self and 2 brothers and 1 sister . My sisters name is Sara my oldest brothers name is Tony and my youngest brothers name is Justin.

       Honestly for me , growing up with a disability was a little different, because when I looked around not many people were like myself. I mean it wasn't hard because, my mother always taught me I could do everything else everyone else could. I just had to find a different way to do it. So I am very independent and didn't think of myself any different then anyone else.      Going to school at first for me was a little strange. As I said before , I wasn't around many people like myself, so when I went to school I was put in special education classes and put around more people that had the same disability or reading problems as I do.

     So, it was a little different but I was also put in classes with other kids that didn't have a disability, so I looked at it as maybe I was put around other people like myself to maybe help them out and understand that no one is perfect everyone has there own issues and if u wanna do something all u have to do is put your mind to it.

       I was the one in school that alot of people with the same problems as me looked up to, so it wasn't really hard for me to communicate or get along with anyone. So I would say I had a very fun experience when I went to school.      I don't really have any hobbies at the moment. All I do is hang out in my room. I also talk to people on the internet. My goals in life is kind of a hard one. I honestly just take day by day and love my life for the moment. I don't like planning things. All I know is one day I wanna get my license.

Some day I hope to own my dream car and maybe have a part time job. I want to own my own house. I would love to meet my best friend and soul mate. I want to get married and live a happy life. But I only all of that takes time.      My advice to someone else that has Spina Bifida, is never let anything or anyone get in your way or happiness. When you put your mind to something, I hope know if you work hard enough you can achieve anything you want to in life. Don't let anything or anyone talk down on something u set your mind to do in life.