Hey Tom !

Tom Turner, a 47 year old man was born on September 10th 1970, with Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Tom was told by his parents that he wasn't supposed to live past age 3, and Is now 47 . About the time Tom moved to Toronto Children's Hospital, where they built an experimental body brace called a Para-podium and they then brought the technology back to Rochester New York where they developed the technology making it possible for other kids like Tom to have the opportunity to walk. Tom graduated from Finger Lakes Community College with an Associates Degree in Arts with a concentration on broadcast communications.

As you can see, Spina Bifida does not stop Tom from achieving his dreams and goals. Tom worked in his family business "Turner Automotive" until his father’s passing in 2013. Now Tom is working on a project that will either be a script idea made for a t.v show , movie or even a major motion picture. We are so EXCITED to see where Tom's dreams and goals take him next!! Way to go Tom!