Anoush Enkababian

Anoush is a 28 year old woman who was born in Armenia with Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida. Anoush comes from a family of 5. Anoush has a brother and a sister . She is the middle child . Anoush does not have to use a wheelchair .There have been times in her life that have been hard for her.

Growing up as a child and going to school for Anoush was in her terms "pretty normal" . So far Anoush has had over 20 surgeries . In school, Anoush liked English and her least favorite subject was math , like many other individuals who have Spina Bifida.


Anoush loves the colors baby blue and lavender. Her favorite mean would be anything Italian. In her spare time , Anoush likes to involve her self in anything that involves animals and helping anyone who is in need of assistance. She has a dog named brownie who also helps her time go by enjoyable. All Anoush wants in life is to be happy and continue to help others .

Anoush is a very sweet and well rounded young lady . Anoush wants all parents to know that it will be ok and would like to tell you to " Dont treat your children any less or differently ". For those of you who have Spina Bifida or any other type of disability, Anoush wants you to never stop doing what you want in life .