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Overcoming Battles!

Chelsie had a brain tumor that has left her half paralyzed on her right side. She says it affects her in every way you can think of . Chelsie is unable to get her license. Chelsie can't get married because she will lose her medical if she does ,. Chelsie and her loved one is unable to afford her medical .

Chelsie’s childhood was hard. At the age of 13 years old . Chelsie had to miss a lot of school. Unfortunately for Chelsie , her peers spread a lot of l rumors at her school. Despite the rumors being told , Chelsie’s days in school was hard but good . She was active in a lot of activities like teen court .

When she is free , Chelsie’s hobbies consist of Farming ,gardening and reading . Chelsie’s advice for expecting parents or already parents of special needs children would be to not put so much on the child. Why ? because Chelsie had to be strong for her parents so she didn't have time to break down and grieve for herself .

Chelsie’s advice for people with Spina Bifida and other disabilities is that you will get knocked down . You have to always get back up. It will get better. It may not look like it will right now , but it does little by little ." I promise, " Chelsie says .

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