Success In Waves Through Spina Bifida

My name is Lori Bowen , I was born in September of 1966. I was adopted as a baby. I have Spina Bifida, plus 2 shunts to drain fluid from my brain because of Hydrocephalus. Some of my greatest experiences growing up were, I was the poster child for Easter Seals in 1970. I got to meet President Nixon, and several other famous people thru the years.

I was in a wheelchair square dance group. Growing up, and into my adult years I endured a lot of abuse. I have been sexually, mentally, physical, and emotional abuse. I graduated high school in 1986. I got married and divorced 8 years later.

The most recent relationship, lasted 17 years. I have also went to a business school, got an internship at Chase Mortgage, but i lost it because I was always in and out of the hospital. I have so much more i could tell you. So much more, But if I can, i will write more for you. Thank you for this opportunity to tell you some of my life and experiences. Until next time. Thank you again.