I’m Dan !

    My name is Dan Corcoran. I live in Pennsylvania, and am 43 years old. Although I do not have Chiari or Fibro I do know someone who has Chiari. I will introduce her in a later post. for now I will give some background on me.

   I have been active in things since I can remember. I was in Scouting, started in Cub Scouts and worked my way through Boy Scouts attaining the rank of Eagle. I joined the local volunteer fire company at 14 and ran calls for almost 20 years, until I got married and settled down. I was also an EMT with our local ambulance as well. At age 17 I joined to Army (had to have my parents sign off as I was still a minor). I served 6 years active duty and also in the reserves.

   Through the years with the fire company I saw many accidents and that left people with life altering injuries. Some I followed up on and tried to keep in touch. I was amazed at how they adapted and continued with their lives, although changed. With being an Eagle Scout and working with volunteer EMS services I have learned to have a caring heart, and try to understand people. I try not to judge by my first impression.

Not long before I got married we found out my future wife had Chiari. At first it seemed like it would just be something that needed "taken care of". We did not know what was to come. Our son was born in January of 2010. Not long after was a long trip to NY. It was hard to let our little one and go so far away. I was determined to stay strong for both of us. That lasted until the night after her surgery.

   Should anyone want to talk more, or if you have any questions you can email me or use the email listed in the contact information on this web site. My email address is dancorcoran12@gmail.com. If I do not answer right away I will soon. I am hopeful that through sharing all of our stories we can find comfort in knowing we are not alone. We can all build strength and courage from one another and drive on each and every day.