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DeAnna is from Michigan. She has Bi Polar disorder and she is Schitzophrenic . DeAnna also suffers from severe Anxiety and has panic attacks . Recently she started having Grand Mal seizures.DeAnna’a disability, the depression part makes it hard for her to function most times. It didn't used to be so bad. Not until her son passed away. That’s when It got a lot worse for her .

DeAnna has mood swings .Growing up with mood swings made the other children mean to her . She was terrorized every day .DeAnna ended up self medicating with drugs. Thankfully she’s been off them since 2013. DeAnna lost herself and her last child due to her drug use and made herself worse. Some days DeAnna has a hard time getting out of bed. At one time, DeAnna worked 3 different jobs. She also was a Co-owner of 2 companies a daycare and a cleaning agency.

DeAnna’s advice for a parent would be to be involved in every aspect of your child’s life. If it seems that something is going on, it most likely is. Be sober, present and active in your child's life.DeAnna’a advice For someone who has a disability is " Don’t let it define you. You're NOT your disability. Don't let it stop you from reaching for your dreams!"

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