Meet Laura!

    In a family of 8, Laura is the 5th child. Laura is the only one out of her and her 5 brothers, to be born with Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida . For Laura Eckstein, going to school was pretty normal for her . Laura had an aid for 1st grade through 6th grade.After that, Laura only needed assistance to get on and off her bus and her bathroom needs. The rest of the time, Laura was lucky to have the other students helping her from class to class. Laura had an iep, which means a plan set so that she has extra time on class work , tests and homework and schedule for her bathroom needs . In 3rd grade , Laura was diagnosed with a NVLD ( a non verbal learning disability). Despite this , Laura was in all general education classes all through her school career.

     Laura’s favorite past times during childhood are watching tv, being on the computer, playing top soccer and baseball. Top soccer and baseball are 2 sports which are both for kids with disabilities. Laura also loves listening to music and playing with her 5 brothers.

    In the near future, Laura would like to get her college degree in computer graphics and multimedia design. The best advice Laura had is don’t let your disability define you. Her advice for parents, listen to your instincts. You know your child best. Doctors may know a lot but they don’t know everything. you should never let a doctor steam roll you.

    Laura's advice for parents is "If you think something is wrong, you need to be persistent until the issue is resolved. You need to find the answer. Also, remember the doctors can tell you what MIGHT happen but not what WILL happen. Let your child set their own pace, they will let you know when they need your assistance. Your child will tell you their limits. Let your child do something if they think they can as long as it won’t cause them any harm. And overall, be there for your child and LISTEN to your child.