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Rising Above Disability- The Story Behind Lion House Fitness

Recently, the topic of personal training, fitness, and disabilities was discussed along with my belief system on why I wanted to take on the task of personal training and training people with physical and intellectual disabilities. For a large amount of my life, I was always told that I would not amount to any activity I did, I was not able to do it, and that I would possibly need to live a sedentary life where I would have no chances to do the tasks I wanted, and the activities I wanted due to the fact that they said I would not be able to walk. I have gone from school to school, job to job, where they always restricted what I did like I was fragile or pushed me out of a possible place of work, due to the fact they thought I was unable to do something because of my disability. I went through a life with nobody to relate to me because of the difference of having leg braces and although having friends, not fitting into any big social group because of the fact that nobody could understand the life behind disability, the mindset most people with disabilities have, and even the cultural customs of people with disabilities. That was, until I picked up the barbell and began training, even if I was told not to and I was worried over the fact that I would get extremely injured. As I got more involved with fitness after not following the rules given by my doctor and lifting weights, I got more passion built up over the thought of empowering people with physical disabilities like myself, to complete their goals in life, especially their fitness goals as I moved my way from my home to my gym, and then from the gym to the yard to workout again, and then back to my weight lifting class I took for three years of high school. This lead me to the idea of creating something larger than any belief I’ve ever had, to encourage others with disabilities to gain the strength, encouragement, and power to get involved with a fitness-type lifestyle and take on personal training whether it be by themselves, through custom workout plans made by myself for their routine only, or even workouts I have already made that can be purchased and used to help them get a start on where they want to go with their health and fitness. Lion House Fitness was constructed.

My own downfalls and the leading factor of me being told I would not amount to anything and would not be able to do anything has lead to the power, motivation, and story behind Lion House Fitness. The motivation to help the people who have been pushed to the side, given no hope, and brought down due to the fact they have something that is out of their way of control, like a disability. Rise Above your belief of not being able to push out of your comfort zone until you 100% try it and move past it. Lion House Fitness has a sense of belonging and family that not many can relate to, but some can and that is enough to encourage others to get behind the belief system and motives of it and the idea of creating a legacy for yourself.

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