Hi Rushida!

   Rushida’s mother was 8 months pregnant when doctors saw that Rushida’s head was swelling. The doctors did a c section and found out She had Spina Bifida. Two weeks later, Rushida was able to go home and start her journey.

    Once Rushida started school, her classmates picked on her or just flat out act like She didn't exist. They would even stare at her. During this time up to second grade that made Rushida feel lonely and depressed. But you couldn't tell because She would always smile and laugh.

   By third grade, things got a little better .A girl befriended Rushida and they became close and to her, Rushida was just like everyone else and She grew to be somewhat happy again during school. But one thing that came crashing down on Rushida was her difficulty to comprehend what She was being taught, especially math. Rushida had no one that truly wanted to take time out and teach her until she could understood.

   Rushida cried a lot when teachers would yell or get frustrated with her, so she repeated the third grade and almost repeated it again. Rushida made it to the fourth grade after that. She feels as if the teachers just passed her along cause they didn't want to waste time with her.

    Rushida never asked about it and math never got easier for her and eventually Rushida started to not care really. By middle school, Rushida was still in the special needs program. Rushida feels It never helped her any. One thing She looked forward to was having true friends and Rushida and her friends hung out and talked all the time.

    Rushida felt normal and happy for the first time and didn't have to fake it. Even when they parted ways going to different high schools, people did less staring and didn't bully Rushida. Rushida was able to make new friends. It was around her sophomore year and Rushida ended up in the hospital for six months because of a foot infection .

   By the time she returned back to school, getting caught up in school was hard and Rushida believes She should have been in summer school or repeating the year. Years have passed and Rushida is the woman She is today full of happiness and confidence because despite the doubt Rushida had , She graduated high school and now life can truly begin for her . Rushida plans on becoming a free lance artist in her future ! Yay Rushida !!!!