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Jen’s Story

Jen is a 36 year old woman and mother with Spina Bifida Myleomeningecele L4 or L5. Jen can walk with crutches and braces that come up to just below her knees. Jen can feel everything except for her feet. She has a VP (Ventrical Perritoneal) shunt and has had 15 surgeries.

Growing up, Jen lived a normal life. She took dance classes because she had a desire to, and took part in those classes as much as she could.

Jen then moved onto singing and acting, and ultimately met her husband in a play at their local theater. They have been together for 14 years, and married for 6 years. Jen and her husband have one daughter who is 26 months old named Ellery. Ellery does not have Spina Bifida.

Nowadays, Jen is a makeup artist, and makes money for her family doing makeup from home so that she can be with her little girl. Jen likes to go horseback riding and hang out with friends and family for fun.

Life has it's challenges, not just for those with disabilities, but Jen loves her life; challenges and all. Because of Spina Bifida, Jen has the opportunity to teach her little girl about diversity right there at their home. Life is what you make of it and Jen's life is beautiful.

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