My name is Alma Guerrero. I am 22 years old. I have Myelomeningocele, Spina Bifida. Medically speaking, I would probably say that most of my hardships with Spina Bifida happened at birth, and a bit on into my toddler years. I had many complications. Many infections, many surgeries- some experimental, some with no good results. It was not a good time.

Thankfully as I grew up, I received better attention from doctors who were better. But as I started putting better attention on myself & my adaptability as I prefer calling it, I began to realize how different I was from others who I viewed "normal". Realizing how different I was, made me believe that if I wanted to be accepted I had to hide my adaptability, and all that came with it. So I created a fake world, where if you didn't know me personally, my adaptability didn't exist.

Though at first it was fun to me creating a world of my choosing, I soon realized it was all a lie. I wasn't letting people get to know the real me. They were getting to know a fake persona. I realized that I had to learn to fully accept my situation, and once I did, I would see how accepted it & me too. So I stopped the lies, and began telling the truth. I started sharing the real me, and all I come with. I started sharing about me online through all my social medias, that included a YouTube channel that I created.

Though it took me a while to feel comfortable with myself, and sharing on me, eventually I got there. Today I am proud to say that I'm the most comfortable, and open on me than I've ever been. And I have the most amazing supporters that keep me going, and remind me why I decided to change for the better.