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In 2014 , Heather and Joseph from Ohio , found out they were pregnant. At 18 weeks , Heather and Joseph went for their gender reveal ultrasound . They were having a baby girl with Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida. At first Heather and Joseph were terrified. The doctors had told them all the worst case scenarios that could happen . The doctors had asked if Heather and Joseph wanted to terminate the pregnancy. They both immediately said no. Heather and Joseph had Just seen her face on the ultrasound and heard her heartbeat. Emma was theirs no matter what and they were willing to do what they had to for her. Heathers pregnancy was normal for the most part except when we hit the 29th week. Heather went into pre labor because she wasn't keeping hydrated enough. Heather went to the hospital and the doctors and nurses stopped labor. Heather was put on Progesterone until she was 34 weeks along in her pregnancy to make sure she didn't go into labor. After the 29 week mark Heather wasn't put on total bed rest but she was told to take it easy. Finally it was time to bring Emma to the world . Heather and Joseph arrived at the hospital at Noon and delivered Emma by C-section at 4:30 pm . Both the doctors , Heather and Joseph agreed that C-section was the safest way to deliver Emma . Many viewers may ask why ? Emma had a sac on her back and to eliminate any further injury or rupture to the sac , a c section was the best solution for Emma . Heather and Joseph were only allowed to see Emma for a brief moment before they took her for surgery to close up her back . Emma was in the NICU for a week to heal from her surgery . After the week was up , Heather and Joseph was able to hold their daughter. 3 years has gone by and Emma is doing wonderful! She may have Spina Bifida, but Spina Bifida does NOT have her ! Emma has had 9 surgeries . Most of them were in a 4 week span before her 2nd birthday . Emma currently wears AFOS and walks with a walker but will soon walk with canes ( crutches ) . Emma's Spina Bifida lesion is at L3-4 . Heather and Joseph recently found out that Emma can feel her bottom so they are hoping to potty train her for her bowels . For Urinating , Emma is cathed 3-4 times a day . As I previously said , Emma may have Spina Bifida, but Spina Bifida does NOT have her ! Emma is a typical 3 year old little girl . She loves to play with her baby dolls and play pretend . Emma also loves to watch her favorite tv show Peppa the Pig . She also loves to watch the Mickey Mouse club . Yes Heather and Joseph was scared when they found out that Emma would be born with Spina Bifida. But now looking back , they ask themselves " why was I so worried ? " Emma is AMAZING and we are BLESSED ! Heather and Joseph's advice for parents who are expecting a child with Spina Bifida or any disability is to remember that there will be times that it will feel like it's the end of the world , but it's just a bump in the road . Through all your trials and tribulations, you must think POSITIVE !! Even though it's Emma who has Spina Bifida and not her parents , Heather and Joseph have advice for those who have Spina Bifida themselves. " Just keep doing amazing things in your life ", " don't let the world put you down for your disability. " Heather and Joseph also say " And don't think of Spina Bifida as a disability." Heather saw something somewhere someone posted on Facebook that said " Look at it as everyone else is the same and you are different and it's fun to be different." Heather and Joseph have a group on Facebook that is called " Our Adventure With Emma" . It gives updated on all the adventures Emma and her parents go through together with Spina Bifida. Go check it out and give Emma and her family some moral support!

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