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Joel's Success


    My name is Joel Cooper and I was born with Spina Bifida  Myelomeningocele, Arnold Chiari Malformation, along with Hip dysphasia and Scoliosis. I also was not expected to live past 1-year-old, nor be able to walk if I did live.

   Growing up with Spina Bifida, I always knew I was a bit different, but I never let it stop me. Things were difficult for me and I did quite frequently get bullied for it, but it never crushed my spirit. Even though I was always told by doctors that I had to "take it easy" and find easy things to settle for in life, I never did. I was always running around and injuring myself at recess and then growing up to join a weight training class in high school, just to fail many times before I finally succeeded. Being told I would not be able to do anything because of my Spina Bifida was what always gave me the motivation to do it.

    Now, I run my own fitness business called Lion House Fitness, inspiring others with and without a disability to become engaged in a fit lifestyle and pushing for acceptance. I have numerous clients with Spina Bifida and I love teaching anybody with a disability, that they can do anything they set their minds to. Should anyone have any fitness questions or needs any help, my email is lionhousefitness@gmail.com and my website is www.lionhousefitness.com


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June 15, 2019

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