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Temiya Fisher is a 29 year old SB Mom from Birmingham, Alabama. Her pregnancy with Thaddius Jr was difficult, Temiya had severe morning sickness, She wasn’t able to keep anything down, no water, no prenatal vitamins, no food, not a thing . This lasted almost the Temiya’s entire pregnancy. Until she was 7.5 months, then Temiya could keep more down. Other than that Thaddius was very active in the womb, kicking and turning.

When Temiya and Thaddius found out Thaddius Jr had Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida, Kemiya was 4.5 or 5 months pregnant. She had a regular ultrasound and that lead to us going to the specialty clinic and getting a more in depth ultrasound with doctors present. We were a little discouraged at first, especially with all the extra doctors appointments but nonetheless still excited for our first son.

After Thaddius Jr was born on February 27, 2016, at 37 weeks at 5lbs 6oz, he was immediately taken to the NICU and had his surgery to close the incision the next day. He spent a little over a month in Childrens Hospital NICU, where he had 3 EDVs (External Ventricular Drain) placed, a reconstructive closure of his Spina Bifida , and a subgaleal shunt placed before he came home on April 05, 2016.

In June, Thaddius was scheduled for a VP ( Ventrical Peritoneal) shunt. We have had other issues to Thaddius having DiGeorge Sundrome but not related to Spina Bifida.What is DiGeorge Syndrome ? DiGeorge Syndrome (DGS) is a primary immune deficiency , often but not always, are characterized by cellular (T-cell) deficiency. Characteristics of this syndrome is facies, congenital heart disease and hypocalcemia. This syndrome is caused by an abnormal formation of certain tissues during fetal development.

During the fetal development, various tissues and organs often arise from a single group of embryonic cells. Even though the tissues and organs ultimately develop from this group of embryonic cells, they may appear to be unrelated in the fully formed child, they do have a similar origin.

Thaddius Jr . has full movement of his legs and feet, with some weakness in his ankles and his toes. To his parents and family , Thaddius is an awesome little boy full of energy. He was on AFOs for a couple of months to help the rolling of his ankles, but his physical therapist found that he stands better without them, so now his parents have to find a solution for the rolling ankles without interfering with Thaddius’s ability to stand.

Thaddius Jr is a sweet little boy who loves throwing a ball of any kind. The goals his parents has for their son are working toward is helping Thaddius to gain the confidence and strength to stand only and hopefully take some steps unassisted.

Their advice to other parents is to always be positive even in bad times because your children feed of your energy and emotions. And always ask questions until you get an answer you are happy with and understand.

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