Bonnie : Owner of Gimps Gone

Hi, I'm Bonnie aka Kitten. I am 45 years old. living in Florida with my husband, he has spina bifida and have a brittle bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Its a genetic disorder that affects the collagen, therefore making my bones weak and when other people have it, it affects other things too, such as hearing , eyesight, joints and some internal issues as well. I'm 3 and half feet tall and use a wheelchair, yes ma Imma shrimp!! :)

I'm the type of person who loves life, likes to go out party and doesn't like the whole "pity party poor me please feel sorry for me" or the "i'm entitled to everything JUST because I am disabled" bit. We are all people, whether we are sitting down or walking. I am sarcastic and like too dress sexy and have wild colors in my hair and I have a tattoo.

I run 2 sites for people with disabilities, the first one is a site for disabled models called gimps gone wild! Its a place where disabled men and women can be free to express themselves in a sexy beautiful, crazy manner; in other words as they see fit. The second one, is a site with disability humor and a smart ass attitude. It has t-shirts, stickers mugs and other paraphernalia with what I call 'gimp' humor. Things like "What are you staring at "beware of handicapped" with a skull on a wheelchair symbol, "my disability story: $50" and "diva on wheels" etc How did I get to being a gimp gone wild at the gimpstore?? Well: I was born on Long Island NY in 1971. I was raised by my mom, and have a twin sister (not with OI) and a brother exactly 2 years older than us. My parents were divorced when we were 5 and saw my dad every other weekend. My mom remarried my step dad in 1985 and my dad remarried 1979. I do have to say that I a a rarity when it comes to my step parents, because I love them both!! I have had many friends who didn't like or get along with one or both step parents but I was extremely lucky to such amazing parental units in my life.

My mom and step dad never raised me like a 'gimp' they always treated me like my other siblings and felt I was just like them, just broke a bone once and a while and went in for a surgery here and there. I initially started my school career in a school designed for children with disabilities, but my mom noticed that my sister and I weren't being taught at the same rate. My mom knew I had the mental capacity to learn at a normal or advanced rate so she fought hard to have me placed in regular public school. I finally was accepted and I repeated the 3rd grade and went to to public school.

Socially I always felt different ( I was the only disabled kid in the school) so I basically kept to myself assuming people didn't want to be friends with a disabled person. That carried into Jr High and High school. I knew better and knew guys wouldn't have wanted to date me so again just stuck to myself, let me tell you I read ALOT of books that year lol. At age 15, I met another disabled (spina bifida) boy through a mutual friends and we dated on and off through out my High school and college years.I had gone to camp those summers. It was a camp for the physically challenged in New Jersey. Let me tell you those were the best years of my life. I made life long friends there and my most beloved memories are from there. I still keep in contact with many of them (mainly though Face Book) and still am good friends with a few more. That was a place I felt normal, had good friendships, kissed alotta guys and just was a regular teenager. I actually felt apart of the crowd for 6 weeks a year for 4 years, it was awesome!

Then I moved on to college, I went to Florida to get away from the snow and ice and inaccessibility of cold New York. I loved Florida. College was ok, I still was kinda too myself, except for the fact my boyfriend moved there 2 years later and my best friend from Camp moved the second year I was there and was my roommate. She has a disability too, Cerebral Palsy. We made a deal, I help her with daily stuff and she'll move down and I get to have my best friend with me, it was great! We went out a lot and she was a good friend and roommate.

After college, I stayed in Florida, me and my then boyfriend got an apartment together. I got a nail salon job for a few years. Then I created the gimp store. My friends and I would always joke around and call each other gimp and midget and just have fun with playing on words and we also took notice that ppl would constantly be staring or asking us the most stupid ignorant questions. We'd go to the bar or club and ppl would come up to us and say things like "oh its so great to see you out" or I'd get online and some guy would randomly instant message me, knowing I am small/disabled and asked if I can have sex? I'm sorry but how rude and ignorant! I looked al lover online for sites that had humorous t shirts and stickers with sarcastic nature and couldn't find a one. So I created thegimpstore to pretty much make fun of the ones who made fun of us. To this day I still cannot find a site that sells the smart ass liking's of the gimp store humor lol.

During this time I also created a disabled modeling site similar to GGW with another friend online, to basically say yes we are sexy and hot and we do like sex and we are adults and see here! lol. A few years later I moved all the way to California with a disabled musician. I went to music expos and met some cool famous people, and even became friends with Rick Allen, famous one armed drummer. It was great and fun wild and crazy for about 8 years During that time then my friend didn't want to do the modeling site with me anymore so I went out on my own and created GGW!

I have gotten a lot of slack and back lash from both the disabled community and the non-disabled community because people refuse to really see what the site IS about. Yes my site may be edgy etc, but it all comes from the models who model on there. They sought me out and joined, I just put up want they want to be on there and at the same time they make a little extra cash doing it, why should anyone work for free? I take a small commission to keep the site running, pays for the domain and monthly host fee, the rest goes to the models.

I love being a GGW model and owner. I have gotten so much gratitude from my models, Some have told me that modeling on there has improved their self esteem and they never felt more attractive before. THAT'S the reason I made GGW. My friends and I were so tired of society viewing us as like children and not someone who they can date or be intimate with. We wanted to show the world we can be hot, sexy, beautiful, wild and fun! So now they have a sanctuary where they can express themselves in the way THEY see fit, not put in some box were all we do is go to the doctors on our outings and wear boring thank you!!!

So and have been my brain-children since millennium and still going full force!I have been back in Florida now for about 8 years, got married to my long-time-love about 3 years ago and living and loving live in good ole Miami.Well that's my story! If anyone has any questions or is interested in any of my sites please email me at