Life Bites

This story is about a girl named Lilly Rosenberg. Lilly was born with a birth defect Spina Bifida. She has two best friends, Holly and Cassie. They share her love a book called "Days End". Its all the craze right now. The movie is about a vampire, a werewolf and human girl they are in love with and the craziness that ensues because of it. Lilly is team Wyatt, the vampire. Her friends are team Daniel the werewolf, but she doesn't hold it against them. Lily has one other friend, Lenny who is not a fan of the book but he lets her babble on about it anyway. He does however know enough of the story to add his two cents to the conversation once in a while. Which Lilly appreciates very much. Lilly enjoys escaping into the world of DAYS END to escape from her various troubles in life. Just recently she lost someone who was extremely important to her. DAYS END came into her not long after that. One night after finishing a algebra worksheet that's sure to not get any better than a C no matter how hard she works she decides to delve back into the world of DAYS END. She falls asleep and the story continues in her dreams. She visits Wyatt and his family, the Winters at the fantastic home hidden outside the town of Ordinary, Virginia. Lilly has often wander what it would be like to be like the Winters. Would she be different? Better? This apparently occurred to them as well their friend and witch Serena Beckett. She was there waiting, with a vile of liquid. A potion for Lilly to temporarily give her some of their abilities. Some time passes and she realizes she is not tired. She doesn't need her inhaler nor does she feel the need to sit down for a bit. When she goes to the restroom she doesn't need a catheter. She even makes it to the restroom in plenty of time! She is finally awakened by the sound of the alarm clock. she heads to school and in math class a wonderful thing happens. when she is called to the blackboard, when she usually blanks on the answer, she has no problem solving the equation. And in front of the whole class no less! Cassie and Holly are amazed, as is her algebra teacher. "Well done Miss Rosenberg." After class the girls meet her in the hall. " How did you do that?" says Holly. " That was awesome!" Said Cassie. " I KNOW RIGHT!" Replies Lilly. "I can't believe it!" Later in biology the teacher gives a pop quiz. Lilly passes with flying colors. She could do no wrong. "I can't believe it. This is great." Now Lilly has always been so proud of her two brothers,especially when they played sports. They always played so well and fairly. Like with soccer. She wanders whether or not she could try it herself. She had players on a special team for people with disabilities but that didn't work out. So in gym, they have a free day where they can pick whatever activity they wanna do. Lilly decides to try out a theory and kick around a ball. To her surprise, she is now quite good at it. She picks one of the corners for a goal and makes many shots with ease. The gym teacher notices and speaks to the soccer coach who agrees to let Lilly try out for the team during practice that evening. He is so impressed with her that he lets her temporarily have the vacant spot on the team due to a player being injured. Several weeks later Lilly is still going strong. Her grades are up. She is making lots of new friends. She even enjoys getting up in front of the class to do presentations and skits for group projects. Although she is making. new friends with the popular kids, Lilly is forgetting her old friends more and more. Her new friends are not fans of DAYS END,in fact they take great joy in making fun of anyone who is and in making Lilly join in. Even when it comes to Cassie and Holly. They torment them and instead of doing the right thing Lilly joins in in order to keep her new friends. Passing the by one day one the popular girls knocks the book out Holly's hand saying, "OMG you seriously like that trash. What a loser." She and the others giggle as they pass by. Lilly just gives them a sorrowful look as she walks by. Still after several more days she pretends she doesn't even know them when they try to approach her in the hall. They no longer hang out together after school either. This goes for Lenny as well. Except in Biology class, where they are lab partners. The teacher won't let the. switch. "I guess I'll just have to deal with it." Says Lenny one day after trying to get the teacher to let him switch. "I'm sorry, but its too late in the semester. Everything is full." Replies the teacher. So Lenny gets to listen to Lilly go on and on about her new found friends. How they go to the mall and hang out at the food court. Or how they go to the movies. Not the cheap one that shows movies that have been out for quite a well but the one that shows brand new movies, and in 3-D even.She takes a breath long enough to ask, "Do you think you could talk to Nick for me? I know you guys are on the boys soccer team together." Lilly asked. After several moments of hesitation Lenny gave in. "Sure, why not, I'll see what I can do." Lenny said unenthusiastically. "Thanks your a peach." Says Lilly. "Yeah yeah." Lenny mumbled. At lunch the next day Nick comes up to Lilly in the food line cutting in front of several students. "Hey so I talked to Lenny. And anyway, I was wandering. Would you like to go out with me on Friday? We could go to a movie and then get some pizza." Nick asked. "Sure." Lilly kind of giggled out. "I'd love to." While on their date at the pizzeria, Lilly gets a call from her mother. Cassie had been hit by a car while riding her bike. "She as on her way to talk to you. She's at the county hospital. Please come as soon as you can." Her mother was saying. Lilly hit the button on the phone and at the same time asked Nick, "Can you give me a ride to the hospital?" "Sure." He answered concerned. When they get to they hospital they are joined by Holly, Lenny and all they're parents, including Cassie's. They immediately embrace and Lilly knows all is forgiven. Although there was still one more person she needed to talk to. Finally, after waiting for what seemed like a very long time, the doctor came out to talk to them. "It was touch and go there for a while but she's a fighter. She needs to stay overnight for observation but she'll be fine in no time. She needs to rest so only one person can go in right now." Cassie's parents decide to let Lilly go in. (Lilly and Cassie have a heartfelt conversation.) Some days later they all meet up on Cassie's front porch to officially welcome Lily back to the group and Cassie back home. Lilly decides to tell them all about Serena and the potion and why she's been acting like a crazy person lately. Of course they don't believe her, but that doesn't matter. She knows it's the truth and she feels like a huge weight has been lifted off her chest now that it's out. And they decide to overlook the crazy story. They're all just glad to have their friend back and their group in tact. Secretly Lilly wishes that she could go back to the way things were before she took the potion. Back at her house Serena is waiting for her. Odd since Serena is a figment of her imagination. But she decides to just go with it. "How are you here?" But Serena just smiles. Up in her room, Serena hands Lilly another vile. "This is the antidote to the potion I gave you. it will return you to your normal self again." Lilly takes the vile and drinks, expecting the same as the potion. "Well that's not so bad." It was sweet with a slight burning sensation. Kind of like a cherry cough drop. Almost immediately she felt a change taking place. Her joints were getting weaker. Her breaths were becoming shorter. She's has this overwhelming urge to sit down. She feels as though she's been hit by a bus or something. Her muscles ache terribly. She has to use the restroom and almost doesn't make it. At this point she can barely breath at all. Lilly spots her inhaler sitting on her desk. Although she remember putting in the medicine cabinet. She looks at Serena and Serena just smiles again. She grabs it and takes four long puffs. She sees her AFOs sitting next to the bed. Serena has thought of everything. She puts the AFOs on before she falls flat on her face or trips over the air or her own feet. Oh yes it's happened, a couple times. Serena leaves and the next thing Lilly knows she is sitting up in her bed after being awakened by her alarm clock. "It was all a dream." She says to herself. She jumps out of bed gets dressed, caths and rushes over to Cassie's house just to be sure. There she finds the whole gang hanging out on the porch reading a new book. "What are you guys doing?""We're just discussing the new DAYS END book NIGHTFALL. Says Holly. Lilly looks down at Cassie. "Your cast is gone!""What cast? What are you talking about crazy? Hehe" "You really don't know what I'm talking about?" Lilly asks. "Remember what?" Ask Lenny confused. "Never mind." says Lilly. "So NIGHTFALL huh? Sounds mysterious, "Yeah. We heard Wyatt leaves and something interesting about Daniel is revealed." "Here I bought you a copy." says Lenny. "Thanks!" says Lilly. Lilly decides to just let it go. And that she will never take her friends for granted ever again. She realizes no matter what troubles she is going through that they will always be there for her. She may be a little different but wouldn't have it any other way. The End