The Challenges Of The Job Search

Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a creative mind and passion for writing. In December of 2013, I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Journalism. During my journey to get my degree, one of the courses that was required of me was Multimedia Journalism. In this course, I created a blog called "JoJo the History Buff." The content explored various history museums around the world and explained to readers why they should visit each one. I also had to use my Twitter account to follow people related to my blog, such as National Geographic Travel, Travel Destination, and many others. While taking this course, I found myself really enjoying putting my blog together. It felt more like fun than actual work when I was inserting pictures and YouTube videos into the website. Now that I’m done with my college career, I want to start my professional career as a Blog Writer so I can continue putting entertaining blog posts together for a living. This is not an easy task. When I search for jobs, most of the ones I’m interested in ask for experience that I don’t have, which gets me down. This makes me feel like I will never find a job that I truly love. Having a job should not only be about making money; it should be about doing something that I enjoy so that it doesn’t feel like a job at all. I have applied to several job openings with only one response back. I was excited to finally get an interview. Before going to the interview, though, I was so nervous that my heart pounded. I just wanted to say the right things. During the interview, I didn’t say everything that I had planned to say because certain questions were not asked. Although I felt that I should have given the interviewer some of the answers I practiced to the questions that were not asked, I didn’t. The biggest doubt that ran through my mind was that I’m too slow at typing to become a journalist/ blogger, but a tiny voice inside my head tells me from time to time to not give up so easily, and reminds me that I need to push through. Finding a job is hard for anyone, but it twice as hard for me because of the fact that I’m in a wheelchair. I have to prove to an employer that I can work just as hard, if not harder, than anyone else. I have no problem doing this. My life has been full of challenges that I’ve had to overcome, and sooner or later I will overcome this one too.