The Sun WILL Shine AGAIN!!

Mom and I had stopped for a few to watch the waves and looked for seashells . Mom had gone down to the beach to look for shells in the sand . I stayed up top. A man, who was clearly in tears, was sitting at a picnic table near by. He stood up, walked over to me with just a towel over his shoulders and shorts on. He looked at me with heavy tears in his blue eyes and said hello. I said hey buddy. He then asked me "What is wrong with you? I told him I had a birth defect called Spina Bifida and I was unable to walk. The man shook his head and said " I'm so sorry". I then chuckled a little and asked "why?" He said "cause god made you that way". " Don't be sorry!" I replied back. I told him that my life was far from perfect but at least I get to live one whether in a wheelchair or on perfectly working legs!"


I asked him why he was so sad? He said to me "I want to die". " I want to end it all" I knew then I could not leave his side until I made him feel better. I could not leave until he knew his life was worth living. My mom had joined us at that time. The man was afraid that my mom would be mad at him for talking to me. My mom was not mad. We sat there and we ( mom and I ) listened to this man talk about his troubles . He was HOMELESS! He had NOTHING!. I told him to never give up, to always see the sunshine through his cloudy days. He said he could not and I said he could. He finally smiled through his tears, not a big smile but a smile. He asked "You were not gonna give up until I smiled were you?" I said "HELL NO!" The man whom I did not know his name (yet) said "Life is an asshole ". I replied " Yes and this world is full of them." He laughed and said " yeah" . We had to go, he asked us if we would come back ? My mom and I said we would try . He said "Thank You." As we left he helped us get in our car and his tears start to flow again . I held his hand said "Dry those tears buddy! The sun will shine again! He said I'll try ! He even gave me a big smile that time. His name was Jeff .