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My name is Christina and I am 59 yrs old. I was on disability in 1993, where I contracted a blood disorder causing liver failure, and was put on a transplant list. I was on disability until my liver functions improved. I was taken off of the transplant list. and was improving, then I was taken off disability. 

 I became completely disabled in 2010 when I suffered a stroke, which caused 2 brain aneurysms, leaving me unable to speak, walk or care for myself independently. This happened way after I finished school. Since the first disability,I have had 4 children and 7 grandchildren. The disability also keeps me from doing as much as I used to, because I've since been diagnosed with COPD. In order to keep myself occupied and stress free, I do yard work. 

My advice to anyone with a disability is this: don't give up. Try to surround yourself with loved ones. Have lots of mental and physical support according to your strengths. Most importantly, prayers. He is there for us. The power of prayers, blessings. 


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