Racing To The TOP!

Brian Simmons is 32 years old. He lives in Marrero, Louisiana and shows many people with disabilities that "strength is not just in your body but also in the mind!", "In order to achieve it, you must want to achieve it", says Brian Simmons.Brian was born with Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Brian is shunted with a ventricle shunt to manage the hydrocephalus. He uses a Ti Lite manual wheelchair to get around due to paralysis from Spina Bifida.

In 2007, after meeting a few body builders in wheelchairs at a local competition, Brian decided it would be a great idea to become a body builder and compete. "I thought it would be something I could be good at", Brian said. After that day, Brian began training immediately. Training for Brian consists of cardio exercises and weight lifting; 3 days of weight training and 4 days of cardio exercises.

After 3 years of consistent training, in 2010 Brian was ready for his first competition. The NPC USA Wheelchair Body Building Competition was in Louisiana. Brian went into that competition as a nervous and excited beginner and came out of it as a more knowledgeable second place winner! From then on, Brian continued to train and improve from what he learned. Brian hired a diet coach. Brian grew stronger and healthier and improved his training. Body building is not the only thing that occupied the 32-year-old man' time.

Brian and a few of his friends started participating in road racing. To road race, Brian uses a gadget on his wheelchair to race. Training consists of 3-4 times a week, going between 3-7 miles each day. Since 2010, Brian has participated in the West Jefferson "I pink I can I pink I can" 2 mile fun run where he placed 1st place, the Crescent City Classic 10K where he placed in the top 500 and also the Jazzy Half Marathon and the Hotter Than He'll Marathon. When it comes to traveling for competitions, Brian is content with staying local for the moment. In the future, he may venture out.

Brian's advice for people who have a disability and want to become a body Builder or a road racer, he advises the following for both: "Start slow. Don't go all in right away, eat a good diet with high protein, moderate carbohydrates and healthy fats." He says. " Don't get discouraged, there will be a lot of trial and errors. It’s a Marathon, not a sprint and change does not happen overnight."