College World College Girl

Hello there just another late night rendevouz from me your ever faithful writer. I have some good developements underway, I will be attending college for the first time!!! I am so excited and also very nervous its like everything I prayed for is coming to pass I really can't believe it!! To tell you the truth however it's bitter sweet because I thought that I would be sharing this victory with someone I cared about but that's not the case at the moment but anyway, I wish him well with his life, As a door closes another one opens, now it's my job to focus on school and getting good grades and achieving my dreams however, I get alittle weary with the idea of ambition and and success as it pertains to my life. I do not only want to be ambitious and successful, I want someone to share those things with also someone who understands what it all am striving for and is willing to support me through it all because ambition and success won't keep me warm at night, but till then am going to try to love myself through it all.

I remain your ever faithful correspondent, With, Love with care lori