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Cycling Model

My name is Roxana Dobrica, I am 32 years old and I am from Romania. More than 8 years ago, I went to Italy to look for a better life, but after only two weeks I had a car accident from which I chose to have complete paralysis from the chest down. After many years of torturing myself that I did not want to accept my condition, that I was hoping for a miracle every day and I have imagined myself picking up from my wheelchair and going walking again, I did not accept around me people with disabilities cause I did not want to see myself as a person with disabilities. Almost 7 years have lived with the thought that I can not manage alone and that I need constant help, almost 7 years in which I can tell you now that I have not lived, and more I have been tortured, because my mind was not able to pass this barrier. More than a year ago, after many problems, and I could not stand up to myself anymore, I could not stand the situation I was in, stay in the house all the time and always wait for help from my sister or friends, I decided to take my life in my hands and give it a sense. I asked to be hospitalized again in the hospital where I was hospitalized many times, but where I did not see and hear anyone who tried to show me that life is beautiful and it worth living and that I can be independent. I knew there was the place where I had to start and open my eyes to the world. I have accepted and have become friends with people with disabilities, I have seen so many people with similar problems to me, and even more serious, who done it quite well and live a rather active life. That's where I met a group of athletes (hand-cyclists), they opened my universe to the sport, they showed me what it means to live and they took me to their team “ Active Sport “. Also at that time when I decided to change my life, I accepted the proposal to be a model and be part of team “ Iulia Barton Inclusive agency “ and I got to Milano Fashion Week for important designers. To Milan fashion week I will be and this month - February 27. With my team, we competed in several competitions last year in Italy. I participated in all stages of Tour of Italy in handbike and with great joy I can say that I won in my category. My first year in the world of sports, I got to the podium, winning!!

Now I’m working hard to become stronger because my dream is to arrive to Tokyo Paralympics Games in 2020. In November last year, I decided to come to California to training and I did the best thing ever. Here, where I’m still for another two weeks, it’s the best place to train and becom a good athlete. So, I’m woman, I’m a model, I’m an athlete , I’m mother, I’m a dreamer and I’m paraplegic.

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