Jeremy, he is almost 3 years old and he has an amazing life story. He is our 4th child and the only boy so we were so excited to be bringing him into this world. Originally he was going to come into this world naturally at a beautiful birth center. Those plans were unexpectedly changed when we found out at 21 weeks into the pregnancy we were told he had spina bifida. Our world was thrown into a tail spin. All of the sudden we were not only going to have a special needs baby but it also meant hospitals, c section, and NICU stay. After composing our thoughts it was time to do research and get prepared. Unfortunately until he was actually here we were left with more questions than answers. They prepared us for the worst (inability to walk, control bowels among other potential issues). After a lot of tears, prayers, and preparation we just had to wait. Finally the big day came on March 5, 2015. He was born c section at 8:05 am, came out pink and screaming and I new everything would be OK. It was challenging not to be able to hold him for the first few days but he was healthy and in good hands. He had surgery to close the defect at 24 hours old and had a shunt put in at 5 days old to manage a minor hydrocephalus. After 9 days he was sent home and has only need 1 shunt revision at 5 months old. I'm a #proudmama to say other than having to have lower leg braces our boy is a "normal" baby. He is behind in a few areas of development but he is happy and healthy. He is walking with a walker and will start preschool in March. #beyondlimits #jjenergy