Sporting Through Spina Bifida

Jordan Glenn is 16 years old from Deltona, Florida. Jordan was born with Spina Bifida level 3-4, Jordan has been water skiing for 5 years. He goes to Ann's Angels organization which is based in Winter Haven Florida. He has his own equipment, cage, Ski, wakeboard and vest. Jordan got a grant from CAF. Jordan's favorite trick he has learned so far with surfing is doing a 360. Spina Bifida keeps Jordan from doing somethings but not much. Jordan tries not to let Spina Bifida stop him from living a full life . 

Jordan goes to surfing events and enjoys to go horseback riding. Jordan's goals for his future are to go to college to be a mechanical engineer, and learning new water skiing tricks and eventually compete in water skiing competitions.

Jordan loves to water ski and go horse . To surf, you lay on you belly. There is a line of people on both sides of the board and they take you out deep and hold you until a good wave comes and then they release you. The line of people help guide you to shore and then repeat. It is an amazing experience!! 

Jordan's advice to those with a disability , " To a person with Spina Bifida or any disability, don't let it stop you from pursuing your goals and achieving them". Jordan's advice to parents who have a child with Spina Bifida or any other a disability , "Don't tell them what they can't do, when they probably already know what they can or can't do. If they are learning what their limitations are , let them find out themselves because there a lot of things we can still do just differently."